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If you have a small piece of land, a homesteading – even enough land to put a garden shed on with a little run; then you could consider raising chickens for eggs or meat. Chicken must be one of the most popular meats in the world, and indeed chickens are raised all over the world, providing valuable meat and eggs – top sources of protein.

Poultry such as chickens or ducks are not difficult to rear, if you stick to a few fundamental ‘rules of engagement’ that is. If your chickens are to be productive, then they must also be kept in the peak of health. This means not just checking regularly for infestation or infection, but also protecting your hens from the many predators that also are partial to a bite of chicken when they can get it!

There are of course many species of chickens available, and this book not only provides  in-depth  instructions on how to rear chickens, but also a few of the favourite breeds whether you are rearing chickens for meat or for eggs. It would be no use for instance rearing chickens for your Christmas meal, only to discover that you had chosen the wrong breed. True you may get a lot of eggs as a result – but that was hardly the intention, was it?

Although this book is mainly about raising chickens for eggs, it also covers many of the breeds that are popular for their meat production.

Raising Chickens For Eggs or Meat:

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raising chickens for eggs

If you are considering raising chickens for eggs or meat, then this introduction to rearing chickens is a must.

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