Companion Planting Guide


Vegetable Gardeners Guide To Companion Planting

companion plantingGrowing plants that are beneficial to each other is not a new concept, although it is fair to say that it has recently been ‘re-invented’ as a way of growing healthy vegetables, without the need for fertilizers or chemical insect repellants. This #1 Amazon best selling book by James Paris, explains the basics of companion-planting as it is known; what plants to grow together and what plants to keep apart, in order to get the best out of them.

This vegetable growers guidebook explains many of the benefits of this ‘friendship planting‘ as well as explain just exactly what it is all about. He has a section titled 5 good reasons for companion planting, that is hard to ignore; and the book even covers some beneficial herbs that the reader will find interesting. You can check out the first 10% of the book contents on Amazon by clicking on the picture or on this Amazon link..Guide To Companion Planting

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