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Read To To Escape Reality!

Fiction is great way to escape a sometimes boring reality – or at least it is for me most of the time 🙂 Here you will find a list of the fiction books that are included within this site.

Both childrens fiction and adult fiction are included in these works, and although my favourite is probably the ‘Archie the friendly spider’ stories, I do like historical fiction such as you might read in the ‘Sharp’ novels by Bernard Cornwell.

The great thing about historical battles is that you can get all the drama – without the pain! History sometimes seems like an idilic world to the reader, but only because rickets, bubonic plague and whooping cough; are not experienced in real time!

Enjoy your delve into the past or indeed the world of friendly spiders, in the safety of your own home 🙂

Fiction titles at the moment are:

Archie The Friendly Spider – a series of short stories for children by J W Paris:




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