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SFG is becoming one of the most popular ways to grow vegetables in small spaces. This book by James and Norman explains why.

Along with the other systems for growing vegetables in small spaces – Square Foot Gardening must be accepted as one of the most popular. Ever since its promotion by Mel Bartholomew back in the 80’s the whole idea has grown from strength to strength.

This exciting gardening system offers even those with limited space, the chance to grow their own organic, pesticide-free vegetables. This in turn means they can save money on the shopping bills and keep the family well fed and healthy at the same time!

This book on SFG is a joint venture by Amazon Best Selling Authors James Paris and Norman J stone. The collaboration seems to work well as Homesteading practices much promoted by Norman, and Raised Bed vegetable gardening promoted by James, definately go hand in hand. The resulting square foot gardening book – both in paperback and digital download through Amazon – is a concise well laid out work on the principle, practice and benefits of SFG.

There is a new rush on to become more healthy, and instead of loading our bodies with pesticides and who knows what, growing our own organic fresh vegetables has suddenly become a top priority for many. There is of course no shortage of how-to books on the market today regarding growing vegetqables of any kind imaginable; however there is always room for one more 🙂

This detailed book of around 120 pages will show you how it is possible to feed the family home-grown produce even if you have limited space available to do so. No heavy digging, no tilling the soil with back-breaking work. SFG coupled with growing in Raised Beds is the easiest way to grow veggies in the smallest space available.




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