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A Series of Books on Raised Bed & Container Gardening

Raised Bed gardening

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This is a series of books that inform the reader of the advantages of raised bed gardening techniques, over the traditional ways of gardening. Being an enthusiast of this type of container gardening, I find myself particularly enthusiastic on the subject.

There can be few things more satisfying than growing and consuming, your own vegetables grown and cared for with your own hands. The whole aspect of building a raised bed however, many people find to be a daunting task; not so according to this series of books that help the reader come to terms with and understand the whole concept of raised bed gardening.

Indeed if there is any doubt over whether or not you should grow your vegetables in a raised bed garden, then I am quite sure the book ‘ten reasons why’ will more than adequately give you enough reasons to overcome your doubts!

Along with the raised bed aspect of growing vegetables, there is included two books on container gardening – one of which concentrates on Tomato container gardening in especial. A raised bed is indeed a type of large container inasmuch as it contains the growing medium. Notice I did not say soil? This is because the mix that you would use is often mistakenly described as soil, when in fact it should be a mixture of soil, compost and organic material. Ah the things you learn 🙂

This great collection of gardening books, also offers the chance of picking up a healthy discount if you buy the 5 Book Bundle – a bargain is always welcome!

Raised Bed Gardening Books:



growing in a raised bed

If you have doubts about the advisability of growing in a raised bed, then you should read this first!



tom container garden

Growing tomato plants in containers is the ideal solution if you are short of space


raised bed gardening book

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