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With the advent of Kindle books, the excuse for not knowing ‘how to’ is made obsolete! yes I know that Google is just as potent when it comes to information books, but there is no doubt that the interest in ‘how to’ books that can be read on kindle is massively on the increase – even if the ‘shades of grey’ type fiction books are getting all the glamor at the moment.

The main difference that I see in the kindle versions of DIY or information books, is that they get to the point much quicker. perhaps this is because with the size of the kindle screen, readers do not want to be scrolling forever to get to the ‘meat and gravy’ of the ebook they have chosen.

In fact there is nothing worse than getting a book titled ‘five quick tips’ only to find that the tips are 50 pages long each! In my experience, the ‘how to’ books that sell the best are the books that get to the point quickly and efficiently, without you having to troll through acres of ‘dead land’.

The non-fiction books featured on this site tend to do just that – get to the point! So whether you are just looking for some information on how to build a deck, or you are looking for details on building a raised bed garden – you should find these ebooks loaded with information to get you started.

Kindle Books included here are:

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