Children’s Spider Stories – Picture Book


Archie The Friendly Spider And ‘The Girl Next Door’

Welcome to an introductory preview of the latest ‘Archie Illustrated’ series of childrens books. This is Episode 1 in the ‘Archie Illustrated series of children’s spider stories.

Listed in order below you will be able to read the first 4 pages of this book. The complete book is available for sale on

archie the spiderOn page 2 Archie decides that the best way to make friends is to be a little more pro-active in the process!

spider story for kids

Archie goes walkabout!

Climbing stairs is not a problem to spiders! Archie spins a web and climbs the steps to the house.

Spider climbing steps

The little spider has to rush – the little girl will soon be sleeping!

children's spider stories

Like what you see so far? You can purchase the book in both digital or paperback by  clicking on this link to Amazon.

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