Aug 232012
easy soups

Easy and tasty soup recipes

Straight from the farmhouse kitchen, let me introduce you to easy soups to make at home. This is a collection of soups that have been tried and tested – with great results – on my family and friends over many years.
Soup making need not be complicated, and indeed an excellent tasty soup can be made in under 45 minutes – including preparation time!
Soup Recipes you will find in this book:
• Spicy root vegetable soup
• Cream of mushroom soup
• Carrot and sweet potato soup
• French onion soup
• Potato and vegetable soup
• Cream of celery soup
• Potato and leek soup
• Cucumber soup
• Farmhouse cream of tomato soup
• Cream of cauliflower soup
• Ham & lentil soup
• Spicy chicken & sweetcorn soup