Spider Stories For Early Years Boys and Girls

spider stories for early years

Wee Archie has a collection of short bedtime stories especially for children still in the early years – ideal for bedtime reading

Archie – Short Spider Stories For Early Years Kids

Archie’s had a make-over!

Check out the new look Archie as he plans for more exciting adventures!

Archie the Friendly Spider stories for early years – is a series of short stories aimed at children, and follows the adventures of a friendly spider programme as he goes looking for friends and seeking new adventures. In this series of childrens short stories, although he is only a small spider, he is able to exert great influence on the other creatures he meets and sets about successfully forming alliances with them.

Follow his adventures in and around his home in Edinburgh as he gets to be friends with Suzie the cat and Jet the blackbird, who help him rescue his mum from greediguts the Seagull at the local tip, as well as rescuing Archie himself when he was attacked by Greediguts at the local zoo!

The adventures of Archie The Friendly Spider are set to go on to new and greater highs, as this friendly arachnid gets to know his surroundings, and grow in his ambition to ‘be someone of consequence’ in his neighborhood. As we all know – life is not without its trials, and these short stories are designed to be both interesting and informative for the young (and not so young) reader.

Follow Archie with these bedtime stories for children, and read for yourself (and the kids) just how he overcomes life’s trials, and keeps alive his enthusiasm for new adventures and meeting new people.

Childrens Spider StoryNEWSFLASH!

Archie now has his first illustrated childrens story! ‘The Girl Next Door’ is the first of the childrens full picture book of short stories, that include all the 12 stories in the 4-book series.

Written for the younger age group, these are shortened versions of the full-length bedtime stories. The illustrator Agnieszka Gorak has done a fantastic job of bringing Archie and his adventures to life for the younger (and older!) reader.

Archie The Friendly Spiders Childrens eBooks

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Excerpt From Archie Book 1:

A Surprise Encounter

It was another day, and Archie was feeling very sorry for himself. His little leg was hurting and he was all bruised with his encounter with that horrible dog. Worse than that was his mum insisting that he could not go out again, until he was all better.

Never mindThought ArchieI know for a fact that the little girl has a brother, and everyone knows that boys are braver than girls!”Archie still had a lot to learn about boys and girls, “So tomorrow when mum lets me out, I’ll sneak into the house again and see if I can get close to the little boy – he’s bound to like me, and want to be my friend”

The next day Archie pleaded with his mother to let him go out to play in the garden “Ok then” His mother said “But just be sure you do not get into trouble again, and stay away from birds and horrible dogs !”

Archie ran off to find his jacket, as it was very cold outside and he did not want to freeze before he got across the lawn to the next door house. Here is where he would be successful, he thought to himself; and at last make a friend that he could talk to and play games with.

Poor Archie still though that if only he had a chance to meet them, then these children would love to be his friend. With that comforting thought Archie headed for the crack in the wall, and went outside.

He did not know it, but great danger was waiting for him..

Sitting on the branch of a tall tree, a large yellow beady eye looked down upon a Archie. “A juicy fat spider” The Blackbird thought “just what I need for breakfast!”

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